Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Arms and Torso

Do you want quick and easy? Here you go:

Here are the steps
  • Put your hands above your head.
  • Swing your hands and upper body to the right till you feel the stretch.
  • Stay in this position for few seconds.
  • Swing to the left and repeat.
This quick exercise gives you a burst of energy as it moves the musles in your arms, shoulders and even your torso. Doing this exercise few times a day will keep you up and running.
Enjoy and be healthy.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Arms, Shoulders and Neck

Stuck in a boring conference call? Do this to get some energy flowing:

Here are the steps:
  • Try to reach your shoulder blade with one hand - as illustrated above.
  • Grab your elbow with your second hand.
  • Gently pull your elbow toward your second hand.
  • Switch hands and repeat few times.
You may do this exercise few times during the day. Be careful when pulling your elbow; you have to do it really gently and without excessive force.
Enjoy and be healthy.

Move your legs

Sitting all day puts pressure on your legs. Why don't you do this exercise every now and then:

Here are the steps:
  • While sitting on your chair (and may be typing an email), extend your legs.
  • Keep your legs in the horizontal position for few seconds.
  • lower your legs.
You may want to repeat these steps five times. The beauty of this exercise is that you can do it while on the phone, or even while typing on the keyboard without having to stop.
Enjoy and be healthy!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Wrist Stretch

Tired of typing on the keyboard or of cuddling your mouse all day? Do this exercise:

Here are the steps:
  • Extend your hands in front of you.
  • Position your palm vertically.
  • Grab fingers with the other hands and gently pull toward you.
  • Switch hands and do the same thing to the other hand.
 You may want to repeat these steps few times while alternating hands. Be careful not to pull too hard. It should be a gentle pull that simply energizes the muscles and joints in your wrists. I usually do this exercise every time I am about to type a new email message.
Enjoy and be healthy.

Shoulder Stiffness

This is one of my favorites. Look at the picture:

This quick and simple exercise relieves your neck and shoulder stiffness. Here are the steps:
  • Lift your shoulders.
  • Hold your shoulders in the up position for few seconds (5 seconds)
  • lower your shoulders.
You may want to repeat these steps several times. I personally perform this exercise about a dozen times during the day. I feel its effects immediately in the form of warming sensation in the neck and the shoulder muscles. Sometimes I perform a variation of this exercise in which I do not only lift my shoulders up, but I also move them in a circular motion. It feels good.
Enjoy and be healthy!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stretch Your Arms

If you are too busy to read the details, just do as I am doing in this photo:

Arms Stretch
This simple exercise may take about 15 seconds to perform. Here is what you need to do:
  • While sitting on your chair, cross your fingers over your head.
  • Extend your arms over your head while your fingers are crossed.
  • Keep your hands in this position for few seconds (2-5 seconds).
  • While your hands are in this position, you may want to stretch your muscle a little bit.
  • Lower your hands while keeping your fingers crossed.
You may want to repeat this cycle few times (I would recommend 5 times.) This exercise helps warming up your muscles by stretching and helps your blood flow. It also helps you relieving some of the stress you in your neck, lower back, arms and even wrists.
Enjoy and be healthy!